In her full glory~ dress with a past finds a perfect home

In January this 1920s House of Adair dress sold to a musuem to be part of an exhibition on Art Deco at the Museu Valencià de la Festa Algemensí in Valencia, Spain. The dress is styled with a swoon-worthy copy of Vionnet tulle shawl with ostrich trim circa 1928 in the display, and featured amongst a grouping of other Adair dresses.

This dress has had an incredible life- she was found with a note stating she'd been worn for an elopement in 1923.  She travelled from France where she was made to the midwest US where she was worn for the wedding and stored all these years, then to me in NY and finally to Spain to be part of the museum collection.

The dress also appeared in a runway show by the costume department of the Museu Valencià de la Festa Algemensí.

Curator Guillem Alventosa Talamantes explains, "Each year prior to the opening of the exhibition we make an historical reenactment runway where actresses, makeup artists, hairdressers, and dancers work with me on my direction to make an historical fashion runway using some pieces of the exhibition, this year we made an historical fashion runway where the main theme was 1920-1929 fashion, the transition between art noveau and the deco era.
Jewelers, and collectors also work with us and we used some of the costumes, here you can see we used the Adair elopement dress in the historical runway, and we paired it with an original purse and hair crown."