SDV supports The Wild Beauty Foundation wild horse rescue

Sweet Disorder Vintage is proud to support The Wild Beauty Foundation in its mission to support wild and domestic horses.

According to its mission statement, "The Wild Beauty Foundation is dedicated to protecting the horses of our time, by bringing unique awareness to the key issues both wild and domestic horses are facing today.

WBF seeks to illuminate the antiquated nature of devastating wild horse roundups, the existence of mass holding facilities, the reality of slaughter, and the heartbreaking separation of bonded equine families. 

Our platform is devoted to including advocates of all ages through strong, powerful, and elegant messaging.  We feel strongly that the voices of tomorrow are essential to leaving a legacy for the horses of today.

Through our unique entertainment platform, WBF will launch educational programs for children, create film series, provide grants, conduct Ambassador Horse “meet and greets,” as well as perform “boots on the ground” rescues of horses in need.  Every life matters."

Sweet Disorder Vintage is proud to periodically donate a portion of our proceeds to support this mission and protect wild horses.

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